Fishing club ajdovščina


Vipava river runs in the midst of picturesque vineyard hills and offers amazing fishing possibilities – it is one of the best fly-fishing destinations for famous Marble trout.

One can enjoy fishing for other salmonid species on river Hubelj as well as in cyprinid fishing in pond in Dobravska Krnica.​

River Vipava

In between the green meadows and picturesque vineyards, Vipava river, a left tributary to Soča, makes its way through Vipava Valley. The upper stretch of the river, managed by fishing club Ajdovščina is mostly populated by salmonid species. Here we can find healthy wild Marble trouts, graylings, Browns and Rainbow trouts. Banks of Vipava river are overgrown with bushes and trees that provide shade to the aquatic animals and protect against the sun in hot summer months.

River Hubelj

River Hubelj, a tributary to Vipava springs under Gora plateau and runs through Ajdovščina. The upper and middle stretches of Hubelj are a reserve where fishing is forbidden. Hubelj is populated by Marble trout, hybrid (marble x brown) trout, as well as grayling and rainbow trout.

Pond in Dobravska Krnica

Dobravska Krnica is located near the Vipava River, under village Velike Žablje. It is populated by cyprinidae species, such as carp, tench, chub, etc.


Fishing permits can be purchased online at or following points of sale:

  • Zavod za turizem TRG Vipava
  •  Petrol BS Šturje
  •  Petrol BS Vipava
  •  Kamp Tura, športno rekreacijski center
  •  Fishing store Colombo Sport (Gorizia, Italy)