Waters managed by Fishing club Ajdovščina are the upper stretch of  river Vipava,  river Hubelj and pond in Dobravska Krnica. These are divided into several districts where different fishing rules and regulations apply.

vipava river

River Vipava is a part of Adriatic watershed and one of the tributaries to the famous river Soča. The upper part of the river, managed by fishing club Ajdovščina is populated mainly by salmonid species. Here, we can find healthy wild marble trout populations, hybrid trout (crossbreed between marble and brown trout) as well as brown trout and rainbow trout. The river is also inhabited by cyprinid species, such as common nase and barbel. River structure is rich – we can find everything from deep pools to fast rapids and cascades. Banks are overgrown with bushes and trees, providing shade and natural cover to fish. The river is surrounded by green meadows and hills with picturesque vineyards.

Possibility of fishing: marble trout, brown trout, barbel, chub, common nase, carp, rainbow trout, grayling, tench, hybrid trout
Type of fishing: fly fishing, spin fishing, float fishing, bottom fishing
Allowed baits: corn, fruit, flies, lures, water moss
Water type: running water

hubelj river

River Hubelj springs below the Gora plateau, above the town of Ajdovščina. The spring consists of three waterfalls, who reveal its true character on rainy days when rivers show its torrential nature. Same as river Vipava, it is mostly populated by salmonids – mainly marble trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.

Possibillity of fishing: marble trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, hybrid trout, grayling
Type of fishing: fly fishing, spin fishing
Allowed baits: fly, artificial lure
Type of water: running water

pond in dobravska krnica

Dobravska Krnica is an artificial pond, a consequence of land improvements made on the land surrounding the Vipava river. It is inhabited by fish from the cyprinidae family, such as carp, tench and other cyprinids (barbel, chub, common nase, … ). Banks are covered with trees and bush, providing shade and cover to the fish.

Possibillity of fishing: barbel,  chub, carp, tench, common nase
Type of fishing: float fishing, bottom fishing
Allowed baits: boilies, corn, bread, fruit, cheese, baits of plant origin
Type of water: standing water