Fishing rules

Vipava and Hubelj


Fishing is permitted from March 27th to September 30th. In October, flyfishing (or spin fishing with bubble float and a fly) for rainbow trout and grayling is allowed.


SpeciesSeasonMinimal length
Marble troutApril 1st until September 30th45 cm
GraylingJune 1st until October 31st40 cm
Brown TroutApril 1st until September 30th30 cm
Hybrid TroutApril 1st until September 30th45 cm
Rainbow TroutMarch 27th until October 31st 

After capturing (and taking) a marble trout or grayling, fishing must be concluded.

One may take max. 3 salmonid fish or 5 cyprinids.

Fishing districts

On the river Vipava, fishing is allowed from the old bridge in Vipava to the dam in Kasovlje, including both branches and Mlinščica creek. On the river Hubelj, fishing is allowed from the highway bridge to outflow in Vipava river. Additionaly, these parts are divided into following districts:

  • Catch and release: River Vipava, from the outflow of Mlinščica until confluence with Hubelj.

  • Districts, where spin fishing is allowed:

    • River Hubelj – entire area, from the highway bridge to outlfow in Vipava river.
    • River Vipava – from confluence with river Hubelj to the dam in Kasovlje.
  • Districts, where fishing for cyprinids is allowed:

    • River Vipava – from the gardens (greenhouse) under the bridge for Velike Žablje to the dam at Dobravska krnica and from the bridge for Brje to the dam in Kasovlje


Crossing the districts

Crossing the districts is allowed, apart from entering the catch and release district if a fish was already taken.

Fishing for cyprinids

In the salmonid season (April 1st to September 30th) fishing for cyprinids is permitted in the districts (areas) mentioned above.

Fishing for cyprinids is allowed only with baits of plant origin. Minimal harvesting size is 30 cm (off-season for specific species must be considered).

Rules and restrictions

  • Only barbless hooks are allowed.

  • Flyfishing is permitted in all districts.

  • In October, only flyfishing is allowed using one no longer than 35mm (measured from the eye of the hook to the end of the tail).

  • Fishing is allowed from dawn (1 hour before official sunrise) till dusk (1 hour after official sunset). Daily information can be found on the Slovenian Environment Angency website.

  • Night fishing is not allowed.

  • Harvested fish must be marked (cross) on the fishing licence and must be kept by your side at all times.

  • Mandatory equipment: pliers, measuring tape, landing net and pen.

  • Flyfishing and spin fishing with bubble float and a fly is allowed in all districts. Special rules apply for bubble float fishing:

    • Tippet/leader must not be longer than 100cm (distance between bubble float and a fly).
    • Top of the bubble float must float above the surface.
  • In districts, where only fly fishing is allowed, spin fishing with streamers is not allowed.

Fly fishing
  • You may use any kind of fly lines and artificial flies (tied with fly tying material).
  • Use of additional weight (on fly line, leaders or tippets) is prohibited.
  • Fishing with only one artificial fly is allowed.
  • Indicators may be used.
Spin fishing
  • Spinners must be of size #3 or larger.
  • Lures (wobblers, etc) must be at least 7 cm long (measured without hooks and lip).
  • Spin lures can only have 1 barbless hook (single, double or treble hook).
  • Spin fishing with streamer is allowed where spin fishing is.

Dobravska Krnica


Whole year.


Species Season Minimal length
Carp whole year 30 cm
Tench July 1st until April 30th 30 cm
Chub July 1st until April 30th 30 cm
Barbel July 1st until April 30th 30 cm
Common nase whole year 18 cm


  • One may take 1 carp or tench of minimum length of 30 cm or 3 protected cyprinids, from which at most 1 carp or tench.
  • Use of artificial or natural baits is allowed, apart from live animals or animal blood.
  • Fishing is allowed with 1 rod and single hook on the rig.

Additional rules for members

  • Fishing is allowed at most 3 times a week.
  • Youth members may take at most 2 salmonids or 4 cyprinids per day.
  • Every member with full membership may take at most 2 graylings per year, while youth members can take at most 1 grayling per year.
  • Number of fishing days is written in the permit. Every fishing must be marked with correct district mark and correct date.
  • Every member with full membership can invite a guest 2 times per year (with exception of April 1st). In this case, another date must be marked in his/her own permit with the name of the guest. A day for the guest is then deducted from his/her yearly quota of fishing days. In case of warden inspection, guest must identify himself/herself with a valid ID. Person who invited the guest is responsible for his/her actions in time o
  • Children, less than 8 years old can fish with a member (with full membership). In this case, a member does not need to mark another date (fishing day) for the child. In case of warden inspection, the child must be identified with a valid ID.

District marking

Rivers Vipava and Hubelj are marked as a separate districts in the permit. River Vipava is marked with S, while Hubelj is marked with H. Catch and release districts is marked with U&S and cyprinid district with C. Correct district and date must be marked in the permit before a member starts fishing. Crossing the districts is allowed, but they have to be marked accordingly. After taking a fishing, entering U&S district is not allowed anymore. Every fish that was taken must be marked with mark of the district where the fish was taken.